Internal Control Tips

  • Review with P-Card/T-Card holders, reconcilers, and approvers the allowable uses of each. Refer to OBFS Policy & Procedure sections 7.6 (P-Card Policy) and 15.10 (T-Card Policy).
  • Review processes for documenting tuition waiver recipients (i.e., fellowships) to ensure written documentation is maintained to support why individuals were selected to receive tuition waivers, as well as why applicants were not selected.
  • Discuss with your PI’s how they spend their time to help ensure the Activity Reporting System (ARS) is a reasonable reflection of faculty’s actual time.
  • Review and update, as needed, employee job descriptions. Implement an annual review process.
  • For expenditures on grant funds, discuss with staff the desired expectations regarding support/documentation and approval.
  • Review processes related to external reporting to ensure all Department/College data (e.g. admission stats, test scores, etc.) submitted to external parties is reviewed by an independent person for accuracy and adequate support prior to submission. Ensure proper segregation of duties exist over reporting responsibilities.
  • Review revenue, expenditure, payroll, and credit card processing procedures for proper segregation of duties.
  • Provide training to new employees on University systems including related policies. In addition, offer updated training opportunities for current users on existing and newly implemented systems (e.g., TEM, iCS) including related policies. 


New Deans Orientation

Top Ten Steps for Deans to Strong Fiscal and Administrative Controls